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As a college student, you’ll end up moving in and out of student apartments near UVU all the time. Here we’ve created a guide to help you through the process whether it’s your first time or fifth time moving.

Step 1: Make a Plan

If you don’t plan ahead, there are so many things that can go wrong. You need to know how much stuff you want to bring, and what you’re going to do with the things you are leaving behind. Do you have enough boxes? Is there enough space in your car, or do you need a truck? Is your college apartment by UVU fully furnished? These are all super important to consider.

Step 2: Be Prepared

After you’ve figured out what you need, make sure you go and get it. Buy enough boxes of the correct size, and make sure you get packing tape. Any other tape except for maybe duct tape will not keep your boxes together and you’ll be sad, trust me. Ask someone to help you move, but probably not someone who is moving into the same UVU off-campus housing because they’ll be busy with their own stuff. Make sure to bring a sharpie and some plastic bags for organization.

Step 3: Pack & Organize Everything

If you’re really in a crunch, you can skip this, but taking the extra time to organize while you pack will save you so much time and effort when you unpack. Label each of the boxes with what is inside of them. Use plastic bags to keep small items together, and keep them from getting lost. Keep similar items together, for example don’t put cleaners with your food, and don’t throw a dirty t-shirt in with your dishes. Even if your student housing by UVU has a washer and dryer, it’s probably a good idea to wash your clothes before packing them.

Step 4: Relax, Eat, Unpack

Moving is exhausting. Once you have all your stuff moved into your new UVU student apartment, take a minute to relax. Find the box that has food in it and have a snack before you move on to unpacking. If you didn’t pack food, go out to eat. After all the hard work of moving, you deserve it.

Are you still looking for student housing by UVU? Guess what?! Summerwood still has spots available and is just across the street from UVU!.

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