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Renting off campus housing by Utah Valley University requires much preparation and consideration. You wouldn’t want to sign a year-long lease only to find out you made a mistake. Read these suggestions so you can find the most ideal housing for you!


As a student, you want to be able to get to your classes quickly and easily. For this reason, you should make sure the apartment is near campus or public transportation. You should also check the distance from your internship, job, the nearest grocery store, restaurants, or entertainment.

Tour the housing community before signing a lease. Get a taste of what living there would be like. If possible, speak with present residents to find out the social dynamic. The more knowledge you have, the easier you’ll be able to decide whether or not the environment is right for you.


Off campus typically costs more than a college dorm. Make a budget detailing your income and expenses so you know how much you can afford to spend each month. Remember to include any extra expenses like the security deposit, utilities, transportation, and parking fees. It’s a good idea to collaborate with your roommates so you can share in the purchase of household items.

Floor Plan:

Oftentimes, you can choose between a short-term or long-term lease. Long-term leases are typically less expensive. If you value your space and privacy you may opt for a studio apartment or a floor plan with a private room. If you don’t mind sharing, there are plenty of 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom apartments available!

These are a few basic suggestions to keep in mind when picking off campus housing in Orem.

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