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Off campus housing in Orem enables students to have a private and stress-free living facility. Students can thrive in their personal space and need not follow any kind of dorm-like stringent regulations, such as a fixed time to eat, sleep, entry, exit, and many other rules. If you are someone who loves independence and are looking to live on your terms, Summerwood UVU off campus housing may be right for you. Here are a couple reasons why:

  1. Even off campus, our residents pursue many activities beyond academics. They participate in clubs of their interest like music, painting, sports, gardening, fitness, dance, etc.. They opt for part-time jobs during weekends, like working as a home tutor or teaching certain skills. It enables students to be more productive and grow themselves mindfully. It is an excellent living option during academic sessions that makes students responsible individuals and prepares them for further highs and lows of life.
  2. Summerwood student housing in Orem gives students the independence to learn basic life skills like cooking and cleaning. When you are living with your parents, you are raised and taken care of under their guidance. But when you move to Summerwood, you take charge of your life and move forward with baby steps. Now is the perfect time to realize you can take care of yourself and live independently!
  3. Living off campus helps you to be more than just a college student, and gives you a first taste of living independently. You can have the privilege to live a peaceful and private life and dive into your studies and score good grades. There will be no interference by any higher authority or your space being encroached by someone. So, you can fully concentrate on your studies and focus on your goals.
  4. At Summerwood, we want you to have the best of UVU student living. By offering gigabit internet, a year round spa, a 24-hour fitness center, and so much more, our residents are able to have the full student experience they want. Being across the street from campus, and having the sports court and clubhouse to hang out in, you are sure to make plenty of friends. Experience all the fun of on-campus living, while enjoying the freedom of off-campus living!

There are many reasons that students choose to live at Summerwood. The independence, the fun, the space to study, and so many other things make living here a great choice. If any of these things interest you, apply now before space runs out!

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