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Most student apartments are designed to look the same so that they can accommodate anyone, but once you move in you need to make it yours. Without adding your own personal touch, your UVU student housing can feel like a stranger’s home. Feeling comfortable and at home in your new apartment is super important, so here are 4 tips to help you make your apartments yours.

  1. Bring your stuff in! This may sound obvious, but bringing things that you are familiar with will help you feel more comfortable. Plenty of people have a favorite blanket or stuffed animal that they cling to (albeit in private). Besides stuffed animals, you can bring your favorite pens or your guitar to enjoy your same hobbies, just in a new place.
  2. Use your space! You don’t need to keep to yourself or shy away from really living in and using your UVU student apartment. Sit at the counter to eat your cereal, invite friends over to watch a movie, or do yoga in your room. Feeling free to be yourself and do things you enjoy will make you much more comfortable in general.
  3. Before you change or move anything, know what is and isn’t allowed in your specific off campus housing in Orem. Some apartments allow you to rearrange the furniture and hang things on the walls, while others don’t. Even if you aren’t allowed to use tacks or nails, command strips can work just as well without damaging the paint. Rugs can also really change up a space without moving the furniture.
  4. Decorate! Put pictures of your family and friends on your desk, get a nice reading lamp, or add any other decorations you enjoy. Having a plant in your room is a fun way to decorate and bring life to your space. Some UVU student apartments already have shelves mounted to the walls for you to use. You can hang your favorite poster on the wall and the space will feel so much more unique already. Make sure you have fun comfortable bedding as well.

With just a few little changes, anywhere can feel like home. Allowing yourself to use the space and change your attitude is a huge factor of how comfortable you feel in your UVU off campus housing. Bringing in your own stuff, and decorating how you like helps to make your space look uniquely yours. Don’t forget to check your apartment rules before hanging anything! If you’re still on the hunt for UVU student housing, check out Summerwood Student Living!

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